• Öner Atakan

    Guest Speaker, ŞİŞECAM FLAT GLASS

    Öner Atakan

    Guest Speaker, ŞİŞECAM FLAT GLASS



    Regional Sales Manager Balkans ŞİŞECAM FLAT GLASS


    Every project has its own story

    Different dreams, perspectives and needs…
    Time, effort, experience, delicacy in details, wisdom from the past and vision from the future…
    All of them compounds the project and story comes true…
    Sometimes the story of a project; starts with a dream, touches the lives, makes the life easier.
    Pays attention to esthetic, leads to perfection.
    Sometimes; it hugs the world with real colors while watching gorgeous view,
    Makes it peaceful with green and blue.
    Sometimes; the story blocks the sound of city,
    Sometimes; keeps the sun out, and sometimes; invites the sun in
    Our project stories express the sustainable living spaces where people live in safety.

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    Every Project has its own story

    06 Jun 2017
    10:35 - 10:50